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CNNIC’s branded content studio are master writers, designers and filmmakers, based in CNN offices around the world

What can Create do? 

Specialising in emotional storytelling, Create draws on CNN’s production heritage to craft custom content for your brand.

The studio offers you end-to-end creative services from campaign development to optimisation.

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The power of branded content

Telling personal human stories creates the most emotionally resonate content. And for your brand, this is most effectively brought to life through the power of branded content.

Emotionally engaged customers are:

Stack of cash

more likely to re-purchase

3 x

more likely to recommend

44 %

are less likely to shop around

33 %

are less price sensitive

Our services

Create crafts cross-platform brand solutions to meet bespoke campaign objectives.

Effective marketing begins with good creative...

Source: Nielsen, 500 campaigns across all social media platforms, 2017

Creativity pie chart
Create - strategy

...and a strategic mindset

One of the guiding principles at CNNIC is that data is at the heart of everything we do. Create demonstrate this value through their campaign strategy. Audience insight is used to craft the content for the target audience’s preferences and distributed according to the target audience’s known behaviours. Campaigns are strategically monitored and optimised throughout their lifetime to ensure maximum impact.

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