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Genesis is a South Korean luxury car brand with a fresh approach, adapted to appeal to younger generations by exploring new materials and creative concepts. 

Seeking a global media partner with exceptional creative platforms and production capabilities, they wanted to increase their visibility and define their brand DNA amongst intellectually curious audiences. 

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CNN and Great Big Story, CNN-Turner’s global film media company, created Origins, a new video digital channel dedicated to exploring the unexpected “history of things”, from design to food to interesting facets of mainstream pop culture. The partnership provided the perfect platform for Genesis to meet an inquisitive audience.

Branding was integrated across the channel, which included over 50 branded and editorial content videos. The campaign used unique audience targeting profiles and was optimised throughout the year. The Origins concept offered a natural fit for Genesis’ own history, arising from innovation at parent company Hyundai Motors and drawing on Korean culture to define what luxury means now.


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46 percent

In the market for a luxury vehicle 

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12  million

Origins video views 

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195 thousand

Positive social actions 

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There is seamless and subtle brand integration...

...through Genesis’ sponsorship of the channel and individual videos. And then more presence in the branded content videos where Genesis and our values will be more central to the story. 

Manfred Fitzgerald, SVP and Head of Genesis Brand

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