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Tohoku Tourism

Raising recognition of the Tohoku region as a destination filled with authentic experiences




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Following a period of reconstruction after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Japan looked to boost travel to one of the lesser known regions: Tohoku. The Japan National Tourism Organisation wanted to rebuild the region’s image and raise an international awareness of Tohoku. The aim was for Tohoku to become as well-known as Tokyo and Kyoto. 


The target audience’s content preference was strongly considered throughout the implementation of this campaign. Any advertising placements were thoroughly tested and regularly optimised to drive the most efficient traffic. A/B testing of mobile video for effective mobile distribution was also a key factor in the strategy of this campaign. 

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The campaign performed particularly well against the set KPIs with page views outperforming the KPI by 200%. It also proved to be popular across social media generating 10,000 video views and 15,000 likes on Facebook.  

page views
250 thousand  

page views

15.9 percent  

click-through rate

82 thousand  

YouTube video views 

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Services this project covered


The CNN TASK team are uniquely qualified to create a brand for a nation, using this to construct impactful strategic solutions. Encapsulating culture, history and experience into a common theme is a complicated service that CNN TASK have been successfully providing for years.  

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Utilising the wealth of audience data possessed by CNN, TV spots were strategically chosen for their likelihood of being watched by the target audience, for example, airing alongside G7 Ise-Shima Summit news segments on CNN. Utilising the campaign data, promotional advert placements were optimised accordingly, ensuring delivery of pre-roll video to drive the most efficient traffic.  

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In collaboration with US travel blogger/influencer, Kelly Ferro, CNNIC were able to film a “first experience” of Tohoku, utilising authentic, personality-driven storytelling. All creatives led to the ad feature page, covering Tohoku as a tourist destination from every angle.  

Videos were trimmed to 15 seconds for effective mobile distribution, and different videos were A/B tested for platform optimisation. Video was distributed through TV, digital channels and social, with all adverts being optimised for targeting bi-weekly.  


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